PCB PRIME Products

Rigid PCBs

PCB Prime offers the highest quality printed circuit boards at the most competitive pricing. Whether you need a few quick turn PCB prototypes or mass production, our world class manufacturing can meet your specialized PCB needs.

Combining years of experience with the latest in high-tech manufacturing efficiencies allow our pricing to be among the most competitive. Our boards are manufactured based on IPC guidelines and comply with ISO 9001:2015, UL, and RoHS standards.

PCB Types

CAP or Foil Construction   Controlled Impedance
Blind / Buried Via   Mixed Inner Copper Weights
Flex   Mixed Materials
Rigid-Flex   (HDI) High Density Interconnect
Aluminum Core (single sided to multi-layer)   Via-In-Pad Process

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Flex PCBs

Flex PCBs, also known as flexible printed circuits or flexible electronics, provide greater options for designers and engineers when assembling electronic circuits.

They are constructed from flexible, high-performance plastic material, usually polyimide, which enables the board to bend or "flex" during use. This flexibility opens them up to use in a wide range of applications.

Here are the most common types of flex circuit construction:

  • Single-sided flex PCB
  • Back-bared flex circuits
  • Double-sided flex PCBs
  • Multi-layer flex circuits
  • Rigid flex PCB
  • Sculptured flex circuit board

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PCB Prime provides full turnkey (or partial turnkey) assembly services. Our capabilities range from quick turn prototypes to high volume production with highly automated processes that help us provide more efficient services by eliminating the bottleneck of dealing with multiple suppliers. You can now source components, manufacture bare boards, and assemble your product under one roof. Get started with a quotation and order by following the instructions below.

Assembly Quote and Order

Please combine the following files into a single ZIP file and contact us for a quick and non-obligatory quotation.

1. PCB Design File. Please include all Gerbers (at minimum we require copper layer(s), solder paste layers, and silkscreen layers).

2. Pick and Place (Centroid). Information should include component location, rotations, and reference designators.

3. Bill Of Materials (BOM). Information provided must be in machine readable format (Excel or CVS). Your BOM should include:

  •  Quantity of each part
  •  Reference designator
  •  Vendor and/or MFG Part Number (Digi-Key, Mouser, etc.)
  •  Part description
  •  Package description (QFN32, SOIC, 0805, etc. package is very helpful but not required).
  •  Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, Fine-pitch, BGA, etc.).

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