Rigid PCB Standard Specs

PCB Prime Rigid PCB Standards

To avoid miscommunication, we prefer all data packages to contain a complete fab print detailing all aspects of your PCB fabrication either within your Gerber data or in another commonly used format such as a PDF, DWG or even a simple TXT file.
We realize this is not always convenient or possible for all of our customers so please be aware that if your data is incomplete we will build to the following standard specifications. It is your responsibility to review the quoted/ordered specifications and verify they are acceptable for your design.
* Below is a list of our rigid PCB manufacturing assumptions if your data is incomplete. We have many other capabilities, these are simply our standards.

Standard Specifications (Rigid Boards)

Material Type FR4 (135-140°C Tg) 94V-0 Flame Rating
Finished Thickness .062"
Rout Type Individually routed
Array/Panel If you require your board to be panelized into an array for automated assembly, we will be glad to step and repeat your 1-up design for you at no extra charge. We assume .4" rails on all 4 sides of the array whether it be scored or tab-routed. We will score where possible and tab-rout (rout and retain) where it is not. Many assemblers have guidelines as to how they prefer arrays to be constructed. Check with your assembler if they have size limitations or preferences regarding rail placement, tooling holes and fiducials.
Finished Plating Lead Solder
Copper Weight 1oz (finished weight, outer and inner)
Drill All holes assumed plated thru (PTH). If there is no copper pad surrounding the hole on the top and bottom layers or the pads are the same size as the drill and no apparent electrical purpose, will assume non-plated thru hole (NPTH).
Slots Slots are assumed to be non-plated thru unless there is a copper pad surrounding the slot on both the top and bottom layers.
Soldermask We will use your soldermask files if included in your data. If your design is all thru-hole and we receive only 1 mask file, will assume it is to be used on both sides. Soldermask type will be LPI (Liquid Photo Imageable).
Soldermask Color Green
Silkscreen We will use all silkscreen files included in your data. Any legend that covers pads or annular rings will be clipped to ensure proper final finish adhesion.
Silkscreen Color White
Gold Fingers If your design appears to have an edge connector we will assume 20µ" hard gold over 100-150µ" nickel plating and beveled edge.
Dielectric Thickness We will use one of our standard dielectric stacks based on your design and materials we have on hand.
Impedance We assume there are no impedance requirements unless specifically stated.
RoHS If RoHS compliancy is requested, we will build with Lead Free Solder and FR4 (135-140°C Tg) material. All of our final finishes are RoHS compliant EXCEPT Lead Solder. All board laminates we use are also RoHS compliant. We assume our standard FR4 (135-140°C Tg) material is sufficient for your RoHS needs. Use of a hi-temp laminate must be specified. RoHS compliancy is not an indication of special laminate temperature requirements or final finish. Consult with your PCB assembler if you are unsure what final finish or laminate they require for their RoHS process.
ITAR We assume all designs are not ITAR controlled.
Board Thickness Tolerance ±10% or ±5 mil, whichever is greater
Dimensional Tolerance ±10 mils
Inspection Criteria IPC Class II